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Welcome to the PCLender Technical Wiki, a resource for getting into the nitty gritty of our products. This guide provides information on how to connect with our LOS externally, and unique methods for to handling data from within the LOS itself.

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PRICE API User Guide

This guide covers all the calls available in our API. Each method page identifies which version of the LOS the method became available. Additionally, the ICE to PRICE table has a list of calls we plan on converting from our old web service to our new, external web service and which release or quarter they can be expected in.


PAL Dictionary

Designed to be used alongside our existing Data Language, this programming language leverages the Pascal programming language to allow a more dynamic output of information.


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Screen Link Guide

A comprehensive list of screen links, which allow users to link directly to fields from our data checks and overview tabs.


ADO Driver

Information on how to use our ADO connection, including guides on how to connect with Excel and with Crystal Reports, is stored here. For troubleshooting tips, see the troubleshooting page. Additional issues should be sent to your customer service representative.


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Command Line Export

An explanation on how to pull information from the LOS via Window's command line.


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Questions that are posed with some frequency are collected and posted in a comprehensive resource. These are divided by product, to assist with finding an answer faster.


Questions? Feedback? Get in touch with us at


2FA - Two-Factor Authentication

ADO - ActiveX Data Object

API - Application Programming Interface

DU - Document Underwriter

ELF - Executable and Linkable Format

ICE - Internet Communications Engine

IHM - InHouse Mortgage

LEI - Legal Entity Identifier

LOS - Loan Origination System

LSZ - customs tags made specifically for importing additional information into DU

PALPCLender Application Language

PRICE - Publicly Reachable Internet Communications Engine

SQL - Structured Query Language

SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services

ULD - Unified Luminaire Data

ULI - Universal Loan Identifier

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

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